Thursday Night Football VIP Trade TEN @ PIT Special $100 Promo

November 16th, 2017 by thesportstraders



What I am about to offer you, you will never ever get from me again this year. This is a PROMOTIONAL offer that will add new meaning to the word VALUE. Let me explain what you’ll be getting tonight with this $100 purchase:

  • NFL VIP 500 Unit Private-Syndicate 90% Club Trade (Tennessee @ Pittsburgh)
  • NCAAF 300 Unit Triple-MAX Las Vegas Line Syndicate Trades (2 OF THEM)
  • NBA 200 Unit Double-MAX Trades (2 OF THEM)
  • All TEASERS & PARLAYS & HALFTIMES included as well
  • Personalized Texting Service From Trusted Advisors
  • 100% PROFIT GUARANTEE as in you get a full refund if we don’t make you money tonight.

All for $100. You get all of the above information, service, and an IRON-CLAD guarantee all for only $100! Let me break this down for you: I normally charge $500 alone for my NFL 500 Unit VIP Trades. I am including that PLUS everything else all for only $100.

Now, the question is why? Why would I offer all of this to you, essentially losing out on $400 for the NFL VIP alone? Well, let me be brutally honest. Future business is more important to me than present business. So if I have to lose out on money tonight to help you get paid and then consequently get you on a VIP Deal for this coming weekend, I will. I am a big believer in my business, my information, and my guarantees. I know I can make you money trading sports. So if it takes a lousy $100 to get you in the door for what will be an absolutely amazing Thursday Night, I will do that.

I am going to attach the payment link below, all you have to do is click it, pay using your credit card, bank account, or PayPal, and as soon as payment is confirmed OK you will be put in touch with me and I will deliver you winner after winner after winner tonight plus put you on my personal texting list so we can discuss thoroughly every single detail about tonight’s trades and outcomes.

I know for a fact this promo deal will lead to hundreds of sales and great business and profits for tonight and the upcoming weekend which is going to be truly special at The Sports Traders!


John Warren


The Sports Traders

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