Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us to ask away!

What does The Sports Traders do for me?

We are your consultants. We are NOT bookies. We are NOT a sportsbook. Those would be illegal operations. We are 100% legal and incorporated as a Limited Liability Company. We are advisors and you pay us for our information that the general betting public just doesn't have access to. We remove the element of luck as best we can. We have a proven system that cannot be copied. We will provide you the information and expertise to take you from a gambler who loses, to a trader who wins.

What is a “Sports Trade”?

They used to be called “picks”. We’ve changed the game. When you have proven information, sports is no longer a guessing game. We trade sports based on a proven system. Hence our company name. A Sports Trade is one pick for one game. The winning one usually.

How Do I Pay?
We accept all major credit cards for payment (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). We accept direct bank wires in all currencies. We accept e-wallet payments pending our sales team has said accounts (PayPal, etc). All pricing shown on our website is in USD and we process all payments in USD to be converted by your processing bank.
What time do I receive my trades?

The sharpest information on sporting events usually arrives just hours before they start. We work well in advance of that to ensure we’re ahead of the game. Pun intended. You should receive your trade at least an hour before said game starts. We urge all our clients to have mobile access to their email/phone so when the trades are ready, you’ll be notified immediately.

What about money management?

Part of what you pay for is our expertise in money management. After your purchase, we do a full bankroll and portfolio analysis. Everyone does this once at the beginning and periodically after that if needed due to massive growth. After that, we store the information to be tracked with you as you progress and improve your bankroll and capital. We’ll tell you exactly how to trade each day every trade we release based on a Unit Strength system. It’s quite simple yet excruciatingly important to your success.