6-0 Thanksgiving Day NFL Sweep! 2-0 Each Game Spread & Total

November 23rd, 2017 by thesportstraders


I have balls. I have more balls than I know what to do with. After all, it’s the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m in my office working away getting ready to make millions of dollars for my clients, and hopefully myself, with a 6-0 Thanksgiving Day NFL Sweep. 100% GUARANTEED. I actually think more than that is possible with any additional halftime trades we release. However, for now, we’re going to call it SIX (6) Trades to start. I’ll get to the extras in a minute but right now we have Spread Trades & Game Total Trades for each of the three fantastic matchups for Thursday starting at a brisk 9AM with Minnesota @ Detroit, moving on to afternoon game at 1:30PM Pacific Time LA Chargers @ Dallas Cowboys, then finishing off with Thursday Night Football New York Giants @ Washington Redskins @ 5:30PM Pacific Standard Time.

Let me break down each game for you:

Game 1: Divisional Matchup, sets the tone for the day, will start us with an easy 2-0 as we’ve got more data than we know what to do with on both teams. Vegas has made a mistake with this one. At the time of this post, the total is 44 & Spread -3, that will definitely change once we unload our information. We are releasing a spread play for the game and a first half total play in this game to start, 2-0, both will win, and hoping we add a third and final trade at halftime in all honesty. 

Game 2: No team gets more public backing than America’s Team, the Cowboys. It’s a shame they continue to struggle and deal with internal issues. The LA Chargers are no different. Mediocrity at it’s finest is on display in the afternoon game which we’ll all be stuffed 7 ways to Sunday hopefully by this time. This one is going to be arguably our easiest winner of the day as Vegas will throw us a bunny midday to get us feeling good heading into the evening game. We’ll be releasing a pre game spread trade and total on this one. Both will win. 

Game 3: Back to a divisional matchup in what will be the most thrilling game of the day as all eyes watch on the hopeless Giants who come off a big win against KC and the hopeless Redskins coming off a horrible collapse in New Orleans. We will all be in food coma’s watching this one play out but by the 4th quarter the lag will wear off and we’ll be in for a thriller here @ FedEx Field. We will be releasing a game total, a first half total, and a game spread in this game most likely. 2-0 for sure, 3-0 is possible.

Now, what is ALL this going to cost? Well, it ain’t free. So get that stupid thought out of your head. But where I normally charge $1000 for a VIP Trade, I will be very very generous in making you a very very rich person only because it’s a happy go lucky Holiday and I am blessed with great family, great friends, great success, and most of all happiness. I anticipate up to TEN (10) Winning Trades on Thanksgiving Thursday. Not to mention, ALL PARLAYS & TEASERS and any special prop bets or halftime trades will be included in the total amazing one bundled low price of $300. Basically $100 per game. Averaging out to about $50 or less per trade.

Payment can easily be made via PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card online in minutes using the payment link below. I will GUARANTEE you profit today over 1000 Units, I will guarantee you make money today and NET at least 8 winners. If you fail to to do this, I will not only refund the payment you make below but I will extend to you ALL of my 90% Football VIP Trading information this weekend, absolutely free.




Don’t hesitate to call, text, or e-mail me tomorrow as I’ll be in my home office all day working between the games while balancing family and friends etc. God bless you, Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to making you thousands of dollars in cold hard cash TODAY!

John Warren


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