Sam G

The Sports Traders changed my outlook on sports betting and handicappers. This is a global brand that markets as well as they handicap. Their customer service is second to none. They win a lot more than they lose but more than anything they keep it real. Proud to be a loyal client for three years.

Rob Lara

I have tears in my eyes… I am on my way to the sportsbook to cash FIVE tickets, your service has changed my life. I really cannot believe that success like this was possible, I am making life-changing money now! I went from being 35k in debt, to RIGHT NOW going to the bank to […]


These guys helped me build a brand new home in Henderson. I used to live in Reno and couldn’t afford it. I followed every trade, every unit advised, and in one year I had enough to buy my piece of land and build my dream home. I’m getting closer to Las Vegas, with TST I […]


In Canada we have the ability to wager on sports without limits or legal issues. The Sports Traders made this investment of mine a successful one with their great information and personalized money management. I no longer look at sports as gambling. Thank you for my success.


I get turned away by some casinos now when trying to make my trades. They know someone’s helping me. TST, thank you for changing my life with your information.


I waited until I had the right amount of capital to join TST. Perfect move, now I trade everyday and my portfolio steadily rises.


Just think of it like stock trading for sports, it’s truly the same thing but with a better ROI if you ask me.


Sometimes it is hard to justify spending this much money for advice, but when you see the profits in your portfolio it makes more sense than stocks.


I had my reservations about using a new company, but this is exactly what the industry needs


These guys made me so much money I couldn’t get paid from my bookie, good problem to have.