Our Packages

You have three (3) package options for purchase with our company. They are detailed, outlined, and available for purchase below. TST Personalized Money Management included with all packages.

One VIP Guaranteed Gold Pick
The fastest way to double your money is betting our VIP Guaranteed Gold Pick.  This is without a doubt the best play on the board for the day. It's a solid way to double your money and every single GOLD pick is GUARANTEED to win or your money back/next Gold Pick FREE.
$50,000 Unlimited Picks Weekend
Have you ever made $50,000 betting sports in a weekend? This is the kind of plan that delivers that. No other package we offer delivers the kind of expedited cash and picks that the $50,000 VIP Weekend does. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday unlimited trades.
$1,000,000 Unlimited Picks Weekly
This is the Rolls-Royce of sports betting. You will be shocked at the amount of money you can make trading our picks in just 7-Days. Everything is included top to bottom, all the extras, the best information we can find and the best money management you need.

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