PAY AFTER YOU WIN Monday Night Football Game of the YEAR November 27th

November 27th, 2017 by thesportstraders


We won our Sunday Night Football Game of the YEAR just last night with Green Bay +14.5. We also backed them to cover the 2nd half line of +7.5. They almost won the game outright! We are bringing that level of high powered information back tonight with our Monday Night Football Game of the YEAR!

Baltimore hosts Houston in a game few will see as marquee but we see as a chance to make another huge chunk of money. Primetime Games like Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football are where we find the hidden gems that make our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Tonight, I am planning to release this powerful trade to you on a PAY AFTER YOU WIN BASIS. The amount will be $200 only AFTER it wins. If the trade does not win, you will not pay. When it does win, I will send you an invoice or a payment link to pay the fee. It’s that simple. I work for my money and I will earn my money. I have access to some of the most powerful information on sports betting events in the world and I will use those resources to deliver for you tonight. Bear in mind you should be wagering a minimum of $500 on this trade tonight so as to show a positive return on your investment.

So, how do you get this massive lock of the year trade? Well no need for an invoice or payment now. There is a need for communication however and you need to get the trade from me so I am going to post my contact information below where you can contact me via email, text, or phone call to obtain the powerful information AND analysis. My intent with this trade is to also show you trust and loyalty by advancing you the expensive information and expecting it to be profitable and only then accepting the $200 fee.


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