FREE Monday Night Football VIP Trade Miami @ Carolina November 13th, 2017

November 13th, 2017 by thesportstraders


We are feeling very generous today. We are coming off a massive weekend of profits trading football. We want to bring in a new wave of clientele and the reality is most these days won’t join without a free pick. It’s the dumbest ideology because one game doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme but facts are facts and to entice potential clients you have to be generous. 
Tonight’s VIP Trade Monday Night Football Miami @ Carolina will be released 100% FREE to you by responding to this post, or texting, calling, or e-mailing the contact info below or on our website. We have up to 5 winners on it between first half trades, parlays, teasers, 2nd half, etc. We will do our best to win as many ways possible for you tonight, all on the house.
I will however not release this trade randomly into the air. It will require you to communicate with myself or one of the many people at our company. We aim to directly manage your money and advise you of how to trade this game 100% Accurately and Profitably. That means doing everything A-Z. We will not just release the game we will discuss and help you maximize profits.
This is how The Sports Traders operates. We hope you consider this goodwill and win with us tonight. Remember, gamblers lose and traders win!
Get in touch if you want to trade this with us. Guaranteed as always. 
John Warren
The Sports Traders
702-664-8653 (Cell)
702-966-5414 (Office)