Deciphering All The Garbage

November 15th, 2017 by thesportstraders

It’s actually impossible for you, one man, one bettor, to decipher through literally hundreds of games tonight what’s the best games to put your money on. There’s college football, there’s college basketball, there’s NBA and NHL, it only is getting harder and harder to guess at these games. 
We don’t guess. I want you know every single game that is bet-able on the board every night is analyzed by our company and our traders with full breakdowns. This is how we maintain insane winning ratios. 
Tonight is a busy night of trading, up to 5 games will be traded, I can assure you 3-5 will win. That’s a guarantee. I hope you’re ready to join us we will deliver for you tonight and then OH BABY tomorrow’s football games are going to be SPECIAL! 
Call or text me, email is fine too. I’m waiting to hear from you! 
John Warren
The Sports Traders