College Football Saturdays

November 10th, 2017 by thesportstraders

college football saturdays

We literally wait patiently all week for the weekend. It’s our job to know the sharpest games of the week and 80% of these come on Saturday’s for College Football and Sunday’s for NFL. We are literally studying Saturday’s games from Monday. We want the edge before the edge. We want to get on the trades before the sharp money does and after the public money does. We know exactly where all the money is going at every book in Las Vegas and worldwide. This is a sharp indicator, pun intended, of what games we are going to be trading.

Speaking specifically on Saturday November 11th and Sunday November 12th: My traders and I have marked THREE (3) games we absolutely love at morning, evening, and night. We spread them out to allow books and bookies to pay so then we can exponentially grow our clients bankrolls and when that works out it’s the best thing in the world.

We are only a few weeks from bowl season so the games are starting to mean a lot more than they did in the early weeks, and with all the data we have now the information is getting sharper and sharper. We are planning to go a whopping 80% the rest of football season up to Super Bowl Sunday.

So, how do you join the amazing success that is The Sports Traders? We are willing to work $0 up front plans with all payments coming on backend commission. We will setup your commission agreement easily all you have to do is e-mail, text, or call us to setup the agreements. I have put all our information below so you can get in touch. Start tomorrow with our 3-0 NCAAF Saturday Sweep. Why wait? We are on FIRE now, and we will be winning 8/10 average trades the rest of the year!


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