FREE 3-0 MNF Sweep Atlanta @ Seattle

November 20th, 2017 by thesportstraders


I’m the only one that can and will go 3-0 tonight on Monday Night Football for you between the Falcons @ Seahawks. I have the utmost confidence in my company and myself to deliver for you I take $0 up front, and I don’t even force you to pay after you win. I let you win first, I make you money FIRST, then if you don’t see the value in joining my company The Sports Traders after we make you an insane amount of money then it falls solely on you. Then it becomes your problem.

The facts are facts, we win a lot, we win a lot more than we lose, and we win a lot more than you and the betting public and that’s why we are one of the healthiest sports consulting companies in the world. Tonight is just a small dosage of what we can do in the grand scheme of the betting game. We are going to win the total TWICE, we are going to win the spread once and we know who’s going to win and we have a projected final score that I can promise you comes very close if not nails it exactly.

3-0 Monday Night Football Sweep GUARANTEE Atlanta @ Seattle. 100% FREE. $0 up front. All you have to do is call or text or email me at the information below and I will set you up!


John Warren


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